Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hump Day

Can't believe its Weds already. Yeah, hump day. Work is kicking my ass. Didn't get to sleep last night until 3am, working on a business plan. That's the dilemma we sales reps have this time of year when you work for a public company. "bring in every last dollar you can before the end of the year".

So lets recap this weeks training.

Monday: rode outside about 25 miles, not too hard, not too easy. Recovery ride. Went to gym and did a really heavy leg workout.

Tuesday: rode the trainer for 45 minutes at L2/L3. Went to Raku for dinner with Justina and ran into Johan outside Barnes and Noble. Good to see a fellow cyclist in their everyday lives.

Wednesday: did the Hill Ride, super hard today. We let Jay (Artemis) pull us up Angler, GF Park and Brickyard. Don't think I could've tried any attacks today. Strained a muscle in my back going up Brickyard.

Can't wait to watch WEC tonight. Should be a great card. Those of you reading my blog that don't watch mixed martial arts fighting should watch Vs. tonight. You'll see some of the most exciting action in the world.

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hfang said...

Yep... Jay was super strong yesterday. I was barely hanging on on both Anglers and Great Falls. Sorry to hear you hurt your back on Brickyard. It didn't look like you were hurt as you attacked us. I had no power up Brickyard.
Lesson learned for me...never remove your seatpost unless you've marked it. (It's all because I rode in the rain) My muscles are all out of whack from riding in different positions and I can't seem to tune it in to where I was before. It's like getting back on the bike after you've been off of it for a long time, except you're heart and lungs are fine.