Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cross Training: No riding, No weights

Wed is normally the brutal Hill Ride, but with the snow on the roads there would be no riding outside today. So, my plan was to either hit the trainer in the basement while watching TV or go to the gym and do another heavy leg workout. I was starting to look forward to doing some long L3 intervals on the trainer since I find it really hard to maintain a constant power output with all the rollers in the area. I'm either cruising up hills in L6 or coasting downhill in L1.

Instead, Justina and I walked 3 miles into Bethesda to meet a friend for drinks and dinner at Black's. Its been a while since I walked a long distance in the snow and this was absolutely the most beautiful walk. It wasn't too cold since we kept up a pretty brisk pace. And, it really didn't take that long to get there, maybe 45 min?

After a couple of glasses of wine, oysters, gumbo, french fries, and an unbelievable chocolate cake dessert, we headed back home. Funny how the return trip always seems faster. It was a bit colder, but once we got going it wasn't too bad.

I can't wait for the next big snow storm.


GamJams said...

LOVE Black's. Let me know next time you're headed there. I'll bring Mrs GamJams and we'll double-date. I live nearby.

Harry said...

Hey Ray,

I thought you only went to Raku. I love Blacks too... Great oysters, steaks and wine.

Try Grapeseed on your next walkabout.

RayMan said...

Will definitely let you know the next time we walk into Bethesda for dinner. As Harry said, normally Justina and I only go to Raku but last night we had a change of pace.

It was a lot of fun walking there in the snow. So peaceful except for the when the commuter bus splashed us with slush. F-er


Nick Mulder said...

Ray its looks like youve gained some weight...I dont think you should be eating at Blacks..

Get ready to suffer on Saturday.

John(ny) said...


Haven't been to Black's since the the major $1M renovation--looks good. It used to be the Gulf Coast Kitchen before it changed to Black's, and the catfish po'boy was outta hand.

Of course, my regular place is right around the corner, every Thursday morning at the Tastee D for the Bethesda Power Breakfast. Keep that up and you'll weigh as much as I do...