Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm totally LAME

So it's 10:53pm on New Year's Eve, and I'm ready for bed. Justina and I went for sushi and sake for dinner. When we got home, we fed the cats and I fell asleep for maybe an hour. How lame is that? I remember when I use to stay out all night long drinking. But then again, I wasn't riding back then.

Here's to the end of 2007 and best wishes for great 2008. I wish everyone the best.


John(ny) said...

Happy New Year Ray. May the year bring you safe riding and an upgrade or two.

See you out there...


Anonymous said...

Finally I beat ya Ray. I was asleep before 10:00pm. Happy New year.

John M.

Nick Mulder said...

Theres more to life than drinking,partying, and meeting hot girls. Its all about riding the bike.

Haha what a lamOOO just kidding.

Shannon and I went like 5 mph around haines point was pathetic. I guess going to bed at 5 doesnt really help haha.

Adam said...

Ha, you lasted longer than me!