Saturday, December 1, 2007

EZ Ride turns into the Ride from Antartica

So today's ride was supposed to be an easy recovery ride after a long week of hard rides and heavy legs. My plan was to hook up with the 7am ride and just sit in. I was running a bit late getting out of the house and thought I'd be able to catch the ride near Anglers. When I got to Anglers just before 8AM, there was no one in sight, so I headed off towards Democracy via Falls. I get to the corner of Sorrell and Democracy and start back tracking the route. I wound up doing a couple laps up and down Sorrell, still no ride. I'm thinking, man, they must be flying today and I've completely missed them or they are going really slow. Finally a dozen or DC Velo riders come along and I hook up with them. At this point, I'm completely freezing and I can't get warm. We ride the rest of the way back to Beech Drive at a very easy pace, and my hands are killing me. I'm usually pretty warm during rides, and the cold usually doesn't affect me, but today was a completely different story. I was freezing. My fingers were still tingling 8 hours after the ride. I need to get new gloves and winter tights.


Robb said...

rayman...i bucked up and got the assos winter tights last year. they are like riding in a toaster. the best part is that you feel obligated to ride when it's cold out to make sure you get the most out of your money. do it!

RayMan said...

I think that was the main problem. My winter wind tights have lost their wind proof-layer on the front of the shin and thigh. The wind was going right through them on Saturday.
My gloves were too tight and partially cut off the circulation, making them freeze.
Dude, I'm telling ya, that was the coldest I've ever been riding. And I usually don't get cold
BTW: I bought some Assos tights this weekend from MikeB. Although I'm not sure if I really like them. The seams on the back side of my knee were chaffing me. I'll need to ask MikeB about that.

Bryan Vaughan said...

Ditto on the Asos bib tights. They are phenomenal. Their stuff is expensive. Some of it it worthless. These things, though, are warm, light feeling but with good compression feeling. I always feel like my legs spin well in them when other people have bulky layers on.