Sunday, February 22, 2009

Windy HP: redlining out the back

Took a mini-break about two weeks ago in order to attend my companies National Sales Meeting in Phoenix. I did, however, get in one gym workout but it was pretty lame, probably shouldn't even consider it a workout. And, when I got back home, I started getting a sore throat and felt pretty weak for about 5 days. So, I went for about 12 days without doing any riding.

Last Thursday, I decided to head out for a ride. What was I thinking when I elected to head down to HP on one of the windiest days? Sitting in the draft was my main plan, get my legs spinning again was another plan. Not getting dropped in less than a minute was not part of the plan.

Seriously, my lungs felt like shit, my legs felt like shit, my HR was skyrocketing within secs. Windy days are not fun, and I couldn't find a draft to save my life. I was redlining just to stay with the pack, but couldn't keep this effort up without getting into the draft. When I did find the safety of the draft, I was practically riding in the gutter and the gusts were throwing me all over the place. At times I thought, I'd wind up in the grass. Not a lot of fun but definitely character building.

Went for a spin on Friday, legs felt better.

Rode solo for 3 hours out to Poolesville yesterday and legs felt better. Beautiful day, a bit windy out and back with the cross wind.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Holy Crap: I'm still alive

Hey all
It's been a really long time since my last posting, not sure why. Maybe I just got burned out putting thoughts to words. Although, I'm glad it was burn out from posting and not the dreaded cycling burn out. Funny how every one talks about not riding too hard in the winter cuz you might burn out in the summer. Not sure what that is or means, but its never happened to me. I love to ride: slow, hard, whatever, as long as you're on the bike with the wind in your face.

Speaking of hard winter riding: I'm still waiting for the Thrasher ride to slow up in the winter. Not sure the seasoned vets like Ad and Paul know what taking it easy in the winter time means.

So what have I been up to?

I completely bonked on the last lap of the Giro di Coppi and limped my way to the finish. Completely sucked and not happy with my performance.

I finished the Masters race at the ING Criterium. Was pretty happy with not getting dropped, and realized I can hang with them.

I spent two weeks in Tuscany in Oct, and got really, really bad sciatica. At times I could barely walk the pain was so bad radiating down my leg. When I got home, an MRI showed two huge bulging discs impinging my spinal nerves. Spent the entire month of Nov getting decompression treatments everday. And, then most of Dec getting chiropractic manipulations. Didn't ride for Nov and half of Dec.

Around mid-Dec, I started riding again on the trainer and then around Xmas time started getting outside for mostly solo rides.

Back is feeling a lot better, and have a series of exercises I do x3 a day to build the core muscles.