Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ever try googling yourself?

I've never heard of this computer game before, but then again I've never played computer games.

I am legend.

"In Raymans world, there once lived sweet little cute rabbits that were constantly victimised by more ferocious animals. One day, they disappeared from the Earths surface, secretly planning their massive invasion. Armed with enormous war machines, they have now returned to enslave Raymans world and get their final revenge!"

"These poor little creatures have become deceitful, uncontrollable and completely psychotic. Our hero and his friends have been kidnapped by these diabolical rodents and have become their slaves. Like a gladiator, Rayman must endure a series of trials for their amusement. But will he manage to gain enough popularity to save his world and his friends from this veritable Invasion of the Rabbids?"

Holy Crap!!! I even have a huge fansite:

1 comment:

Nick Mulder said...

Hahaha nice Ray.

Ive googled myself too. My blog is the second one that comes up. I will evetually be number one though. Watch haha.

Are you doing the 7am? Im in such bad shape its terrible.