Monday, January 21, 2008

Where's Randy?

Did the Thrasher ride today, sans Randy. Where were you today?

It was a pretty large group, maybe about 12 riders. Shout out to some local talent that braved the cold and joined us; Greg Vadas and the Wrob. Good to see you guys on the ride.

I lost track of time cleaning up and re-0rganizing my basement this morning and almost missed the ride. At 12:17, I quickly changed into my cold weather gear, which includes my bad-ass Assos winter tights, and I was out the door by 12:29. I headed straight out Burning Tree and a right on to Bradley until I saw the group coming the other way.

The ride was pretty tame along Bradley, although Harry took his obligatory hard pull and upped the pace as we neared Seven Locks. My legs were feeling really good after taking a rest day on Sunday so I set a good tempo up the short steep section on Kentsdale. The rest of the ride was at a good tempo through Potomac and along Oaklyn. I went hard on the last uphill before Falls Rd and then kept tempo until the stop sign. Legs felt really good.

I was pretty tapped out along Clara Barton, just never felt like I was getting a good recovery after my pull. I drafted in the back for the last section before making our left hand turn to get back on to MacArthur. My legs were just feeling pretty heavy, and hard to turn them over.

Greg Vadas and I did another lap, although at a slower pace, and we also made a trip down and up GF Park.

Even though the temps were in the 20's, if you wear the right stuff, it's not that cold.


Robb said...

that was fun. VERY fun with tired legs. ad bax and the rest of that crew are amazing. I hope I can ride that well when i'm 20 years older!!

hopefully, i can get out there again soon. is that every day?

if that was tempo up kentsdale i'm in big trouble. I thought I was going to come around you but you are too dang powerful, ray!!

i busted a right on falls after oaklyn and putzed around potomac some. where do you guys go after that? i shulda stuck with you guys but was supposed to meet someone at potomac village.

hfang said...

I heard from Bill that the tempo picked up on Oaklyn. Unluckily, my speed sensor came loose on River Road and started dinging my spokes, so I eased. I pulled over on Persimmon Tree to see if I could tightnen it, however I didn't have a screwdriver with me. I unscrewed it all of the way off and then put it in my pocket. You guys were out of sight by now so I decided not to chase as it would have been painful and probably with no luck in catching on. I felt pretty refreshed as I didn't have to do any climbs. It was nice to see Greg and Robb out there today. Greg continues to show his strength and consistent power. Kind of reminded me of the Murad Championship Road Race last year as Greg hammered away with the win.

RayMan said...


Good to see you on the ride, I didn't recognize you until about half way along Oaklyn and I remembered you wear the white shades. Hard to recognize everyone when bundled up in winter garb.

yes, the ride is M-F. Leaves at the corner of Bradley and Goldsboro at 12:30. M,T, Th and Fri we do the route we did today. Wed is the killer Hill Day (MntGate, Anglers, GFPark, Brickyard, Eggert, Goldsboro). Bring a puke bucket.

Tempo always picks up along Kentsdale, Newbridge, and then a bit more along Oaklyn. I was going about 80% up Kentsdale. I have a bad tendency to go really hard at the base of a climb and then die at the top. I'm working to stay within range so I have enough left to power over the top.

Ad is a stud, I can't believe how strong that guy is. I agree, if I can be that stronger when I'm his age, I'll be psyched.

You should have stayed with us. We made the left onto Falls, down Anglers and then a right onto Clara Barton, where the tempo really picks us. We averages 27 MPH along CB (high of 30.1 and a low of 20). My legs were sreaming, just enough power to turn them over.

We then head up Goldsboro.

Today, Greg and I wanted to ride a bit more so we did another lap and added GF Park (but at a more reasonable pace).

John(ny) said...

Maybe one day I'll join you, and I'll break the back. I remember meeting Randy a couple of years ago when he was coming back from that ride. I had just done some laps around Goldsboro/Mass/Sangamore/MacArthur, my more familiar route in case I have to scoot back to the office sooner than planned. So don't be surprised if you see me huffin' and puffin' on the tail end one day.