Sunday, January 6, 2008

Solo Training Weekend

Saturday: Late getting to the 10am ride, so I did it solo. Pretty painful when you know the normal speeds and you look down at your speed and see its about 5 MPH slower. But I guess I'm getting a better workout. My legs felt like cement, and they never really loosened up. Not sure if it was the cold or wearing winter leggings or what.

Sunday: with the rain overnight, I made an executive decision to wait for better weather in the afternoon. I headed down to Haines Pt to do 4 x 5-6min intervals at L4/L5. I'm finding holding a constant output difficult. When I get into a rhythm I can keep my speed constant but my power starts dropping off. It takes a lot of concentration to keep the power sort-of constant without big fluctuations. I'm either hammering too much power and then the power fades and then I hammer again to bring it back up. After these intervals, I did a couple of 10 min L3 intervals. Sure glad I waited to the afternoon to ride. What a beautiful day.

Almost forgot about my incident with the TonyHawk wannabes near the Awakening. I'm in the middle of my third interval and I'm busting a nut to stay in a zone. I'm rounding the bend and there are two retards trying to do tricks in the middle of the road. I'm yelling at them to get out of the road, and they couldn't hear me or I was coming on them too fast. Neither moved out of the way, so I flew in between them with a few choice Dick Cheney expressions. When I came around again, I was hoping they were still there and would say something to me. I was ready to drop the gloves. F'in a-holes.

On the home front. After our neighbors abandoned their cat when they moved out over a year ago, we took him in. He's pretty much an outdoor cat, but sleeps in my office at night. He goes crazy if we don't let him out during the day, so he pretty much comes and goes through my office window whenever he wants. About three months ago, he got into a fight and the puncture wounds developed some really bad infections. His face was all inflammed. He spent three days at the vets while his absesses drained. Our bill was about $700. A week ago he got into another scrap, and we had to take him back to the vets for the same treatments. And, another $700 bill. Man, at this rate, I'll never be able to buy a new bike.


hfang said...

Haha.. nice story about the cat. We did that a several years back with our cat, except the abscess was on it's tail above the ass. Surgery with plastic tubes out of the tail was pretty dumb looking and we had to constantly scrub the tail so it wouldn't scab over as the Vet said that it would heal properly that way. Well after about 3-4 weeks of daily scrubbing... our cat was like new. But of course it cost us about 800 bucks, which my wife said that we should just have had the tail lopped off as it would been cheaper and thus I would have my time trial frame already. She's always said that pets are farm animals and should be treated as so... we didn't and paid for it. Luckily the cat died a couple of years back. Unfortunately about 6 months ago we got two new cats which eat like crazy and poop even more. They probably cost as much as another child.

Bryan Vaughan said...

Ray, If I hadn't quit my traning ride today after only 15 miles I probably would have seen you down at Hains. I was cracked from dieting and a wicked Frederick hill ride Saturday; but maybe we can get together and make each other want to puke at Hains one of these days?