Monday, January 7, 2008

Flying Zebra

What a day makes. Its amazing how only two days ago my legs felt like shit. Every pedaling rotation was painful, and I couldn't generate any power. I couldn't sustain any power, and I just felt like cement.

Well, today I would say the complete opposite was true. I felt like I had no chain. Not sure if it was the 60 weather or not having to wear winter clothes, but my legs felt great. I had good power and was able to sustain it.

A week ago, I told Randy that if it's in the 60's, I would wear my Zebra TT suit. I wore it today, and man, it's amazing how much faster you go. I felt like I was going 2-3 MPH faster than normal. Turning over the pedals felt effortless.

So, if you think you saw a zebra on the road today, that was me.


hfang said...

It wasn't the zebra suit. I think we were going slower than usual. I kept up my part on trying to slow the pace as I was gasping for air and trying not to let the burn in my legs affect my pace. It sucks getting back on the bike after over 2 1/2 weeks off.

hfang said...

By the way... you didn't look too bad in the zebra suit this time around. I wonder if the camera put the extra 20 lbs on you the last time you wore it or did you just pack a couple of pillows in last time?