Thursday, January 17, 2008

Turning 45

Today is my BDay. Happy BDay to me. Hurray for me. I turned 45. Shit, seems like yesterday I was in my 20's living large backpacking throughout Europe. I really need to convert my old 35mm slides to digital so I can post them.

It was really cool seeing all the snow today.

My wife cooked a great Italian dinner and my friend, Bob came over. We had a great time, and Bob gave us a slide show of his Croatia and Greece sailing trips.

Enough life stuff, what have I been doing training wise?

Yesterday, the Hill Ride kicked my ass. I felt good until about half way coming out of GF Park. My legs just never loosened up and I finally popped trying to stay with the group led by NickB and Simon. I still had a lot of fatigue in my legs after my heavy leg workout on Monday. I'm hoping all these winter leg workouts improve my strength later in the season, because right now, I really feel the after affects for up to 3 days, and they sure make my legs feel heavy when I ride.

Today: I went to the gym, rode the trainer and then a high rep/med weight leg workout.

10 min warmup
5 min @ 205W
4 min easy spin
5 min interval (2min @ 315W, 3 min @ 205)
5 min easy spin
5 min interval (1min @ 425W, 1 min @ 325, 3 min @ 245)
3 min easy spin

Legs Extensions
2x 30 reps @ 50 lbs
2x 25 reps @ 70 lbs

Leg Curls
2x 30 reps @ 40lbs
2x 25 reps @ 60 lbs

Leg Presses
30 reps @ 170lbs
25 reps @ 210lbs
20 reps @ 250 lbs


Kari & Jesse said...

Happy Belated Birthday you 'Ole Dog!! After UMD two years ago I guessed you were 31, maybe 32 at max.

Don't think we'll be taking it easy on you now though... ;) 7am ride tomorrow?

Bryan Vaughan said...

Happy birthday! You got to 45 first and are still in one piece. I go over the 45 cliff in August. Just because you are offically an old man doesn't mean we will tolerate any whinning about how much your old legs hurt. There is no crying in cycling. Just think, "WWAB do". That's What Would Ad Bax Do?

hfang said...

Congrats on turning 45!
We obviously are thinking a like.
The Hill ride was a crusher.
I think I'm getting back as my seat height finally feels correct. I'll have to record them down and put them somewhere I can notice them.
Hope you had a great B-Day!

Adam said...

Wow Ray. Happy Birthday! No wonder it's so hard for you to roll out of bed in time to catch the 7 AM!!

RayMan said...

Thank all.

B: rode with Ad today and I asked him "do you ever take a recovery day and just spin easy?" He said, "Yes, when my back won't let me ride". I think Ad's riding style is old school Jens Voight, ya know, the style that says ride super hard until everyone's puking.

Jessi and Adam: Dont' know about 7am ride tomorrow unless I put ice skates on my bike. Isn't it supposed to go below freezing tonight? Roads were really wet today, and if they freeze up over night, I won't be going out.

Nick Mulder said...

Ray youre the man!Get your ass out on the 7am!

Im going skiing after so I dont want to hear any BS!!!


DaedalusVelo said...

Happy Birthday, Ray-man. I love those pre-cycling pictures. They made me chuckle.

John(ny) said...

And a belated happy birthday to you...just this past week two of my bros in law, mom in law, and former au pair celebrated their respective birthdays. Busy month! See you around.


Frogman said...

Whoa, how can my Evil Twin be almost a year younger than me? Musta been hangin' in utero as I made my appearance Jan 28. John(ny) and I vow to play hookie again and actually join you guys for some lunchtime fun.