Thursday, August 16, 2007

"You look 20 lbs heavier"

One of my kind team mates thought I looked 20 lbs heavier in my TT suit.

Here are my witty responses .....

"Just trying my best to look like Kemal."
"The horizontal stripes add weight."
"Unlike Clinton, I WAS inhaling (deeply) the moment the pic was taken."
"I was practicing my yoga belly breathing."
"I was blotted from too much salt in my pasta from the previous night's dinner."
"I started upper body weight training again."
"I swear Mike sold me Optygen"
"the lighting was really bad"
"Yeah, but look at those guns"
"do you know how much effort it takes to do a track stand in your aero bars"
"I'm getting an earlier start adding my winter training weight back on."
"Maybe Nutella and FlufferNutter sandwiches aren't the best training

Yours truly,
the ever svelte
"I'm not eating for a week"

1 comment:

Kyle said...

Ha ha ha. That is too funny. I am going to have to use those as excuses. But you small light guys are worse then us big guys. What the hell. See you out at the races.