Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Cramp Ride

So how many other riders went out today and cramped up?

Man, this was the first ride this summer that I really started cramping up. Not sure if it was the heat, lack of recent high intensity rides, not enough water, or I just rode really hard.


Nick Mulder said...

thanks man. you were looking pretty fast on friday. haines this week?

RayMan said...

I've not been down to Haines all summer. Let me know what day you're thinking about going.

I've been riding with Randy Thrasher and the DC Velo boys just about everyday. You should come out on Wed for the hammer-fest Hill Ride we do (Mnt Gate, Angler, GFPark, Brickyard, Eggert, Goldsboro). A bunch of times Nick Bax did the ride with us and I did all I could just to stay with him. F'er is strong.

You should have been on our Sat ride to Poolesville. Kevin Young and I hammered the return trip from Poolesville, we dropped everyone.


Nick Mulder said...

thats sweet. i might do the ride on wednesday. but im trying to take it a little easy this week.