Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey Jesse: this is what Speed looks like

Black on black is the new look of FAST. Darth Vader watch out.

Just got the new team bike over the weekend, Specialized Tarmac Pro SL with Dura Ace.

I stripped the DuraAce components off my old Trek and put them on the new frame. Although, I have Rolf Vigors on this speed machine for training, I'll use my Bontrager XXX wheels for races. No power meter or other cycling computer to weigh me down. I rebuilt the old Trek with the original Ultegra and I'll use this for crappy weather and training rides. Nothing like training on a bike that weighs close to 20 lbs.

On Sunday I took the new bike out for a maiden 80 mile ride and I felt great. Today I was down at HP. This beast is fast. (well maybe in my own mind).

After going through a computerized Retul bike fit at CycleLife, I'm feeling like this bike was custom built for me. I feel real strong and comfortable in my new bike position. I no longer feel any crampy-ness in my hips and my pedal stroke feels much more powerful and smoother.

Can't wait to see how we do in races.


Jesse said...

Looks can be decieving... ;)

That bike does look awesome though. Did they give you a discount since it's a little smaller than a "real" bike??? j/k

Congrats on the new ride!

RayMan said...

Actually I had to shell out a ton of money to make custom 400cc wheels. Dude, I'm so low now that I'll be below the top of your wheels.

Robb said...

those handlebars look super high. maybe you should consider lowering them and tilt them forward some.

Pete said...

You have just committed bike-bling Cat-5-ness.

Always photograph the driveside.

Pete said...

oh yeah, nice bike :)

RayMan said...
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RayMan said...

Had to delete my own comment. Couldn't type correctly.

I'm hiding my super secret drive train.

BTW: I'll post a non Cat5 bike-bling photo just for you.

1km2go said...

Now you have to update your blog pic with the new colors and the new rig. It looks great.

Lance Lacy said...

look at the cute little nick knack,is her name thumbelina?

hfang said...

Remember Rayman, "it's not about the bike". However you have to do the bike justice by getting some new carbon wheels or are you only going to do the hills? I'm looking forward to seeing you out there on the 35+ Master races.

Frogman said...

Ray, that is one hot ride even though it looks like an upside down recumbent. I guess we're not twins anymore except when your training on your Trek Beater.

Now that My Little Guy is sleeping through the night, I hope to at least get back into training and a couple of mid-season races. I'll be on my Recession Ride but maybe spruce it up with some new BPVC black & red handlebar tape.


Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.