Monday, April 21, 2008

Mt Joy: do I even remember?

Its been a while since the Cat 4 Mt Joy race, and I'll only post some comments and observations, nothing in great detail.


  • Looked like rain, but stayed dry throughout the race.
  • A bit windy, but not strong enough to make a difference.
  • Climbs were short and not very selective.
  • Some long, fast curvy sections leading into fast twisting uphill sections.
  • Long run out to the downhill finish.

  • GBR taking a short romp through the fields and masterfully demonstrating his cross bike skills.
  • Getting to the front on a down hill section early in the race only to see GBR blast off my right, and I reacted catching his wheel on the climb. We worked together with an Artemis guy, but not good enough to stay away for more than half a lap.
  • Pace not too fast in the middle part of race.
  • Stayed in back, out of the wind for the middle part.
  • Wanted to move up to contest for the finish, but got caught behind another rider with an exploding rear tire and I almost slide into the guard rail. Worked my ass off to get back to the main pack leading into the sprint.
  • A jostling gaggle of riders on the left side leading into the sprint allowed me to sprint up the right side but got slowed up by popping riders. Started too far back to make a difference.
  • 18th place

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