Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back from Tuscany

After 16 days of doing nothing but eating and drinking a lot in Tuscany, I'm back. Actually, I returned on the 16th. I put on 10 lbs and I'm back to my normal steady state weight of 140. I spent most of the race season at 130.

I did the Thrasher Hill ride the next day after my return, and boy was I hurting. I can't believe how quickly you loose fitness/form. My legs hurt, my lungs hurt, my chest hurt, my neck hurt, my triceps hurt. My whole body just hurt. I completely popped half way up Anglers and just struggled to keep my legs turning the rest of the ride.

On Saturday I did the 10am ride and I felt much better then on Wed., but no where close to how I felt during the summer. I had no snap and my legs felt pretty heavy after high intensity.

On Sunday I did the Bicycle Place Shop "A" ride. Legs are starting to feel a lot better, but still need to work on the cardio.

So what's my plan for the rest of the fall and winter?

  • Keep the extra 10 lbs on, enjoy eating whatever I want.
  • Train through the winter at a heavier weight than my race weight.
  • Get my legs and cardio back into semi-good shape over the next couple of weeks.
  • Build a really strong cardio engine through the end of Dec.
  • Spend Jan and Feb cutting weight and start doing high-intensity workouts.

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Kyle Jones said...

You don't need to lose any weight. It will be to your benefit to gain another 10-50 pounds. It works for me ; )