Thursday, June 18, 2009

TTing + "Texting" = SLOW TIME

Church Creek TT

As the picture shows, maybe if I wasn't texting I'd have done better with my TT time.

I started out feeling good. Legs felt great, HR was undercontrol, speed was good (27-28) for the first 10K. But then, my right hip and knee started bothering me and my speed dropped to the 25mph range, my HR was still in a good range. By 30K, my speed was dropping and I couldn't go any harder. Lance Lacy flashed past me and then Brian Sacawa. I unofficially finished with a sub 59min time.

The best part of the day was learning that the officials had not recorded me coming through the finish, and I officially DNF'd. How do you not see someone coming through solo?

I need to spend more time training on the TT bike.

Photo Courtesy of Amy Jones


hfang said...

I think you meant... how do you not see someone coming through so SLOWLY solo while Twittering. Just joking. I still can't believe they missed you.

Stephen Wahl said...

They were probably reading your text message.

dyanna said...

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