Saturday, February 2, 2008

7am and 10am: Felt good

Did the 7am and 10am ride today and felt pretty good but need to increase my training intensity. Over the coming weeks, I'll be doing more intervals on GFPark, Angler and Mnt Gate. And, work on changing the pace: ie accelerations.

Lots of black ice on the 7am ride was making me nervous. Couple riders went down. Lots of stupid drivers out there today. Legs felt good.

Wasn't going to do the 10am, but decided to go to the end of Tuckerman. Felt good, so stayed with the group to Travilah Store, but had to pee really bad so I stopped. Headed over to River and headed north to meet the group as they were coming south. I turned around and road back with the group along River. Legs still felt good, had a bit of snap left without any signs of cramping.

OK, here are some power #s
(NOTE: this is only for Adam, since he's only a "dude cyclist" these days, and not the feared Cat1 of yesterday. Rumor has it he got downgraded to Cat2 for this season.)

All other competitors please skip 0ver this vital information.

Ride Time: 4hr:14min
1704 kJ
TSS 251.8
NP 163 (entire ride)

681 kJ
TSS 105
NP 173

651 kJ
TSS 99
NP 174

NOTE: keep in mind that these #s will seem low to most riders that weigh 200+ (like Kyle), but I only weigh 110 lbs, and have a huge power/wgt ratio.


Bryan Vaughan said...

Good job doing both rides. Hit it hard. You will be happy you did come race season. It's funny looking at KJ or work for little guys like you. I eat your whole ride in about 10 min! Climb, climb, climb. Hopefully I'll see you on the noon hill ride soon.

Anonymous said...

TIP: if you ever get dropped on the 10 oclock ride and you cut the course to rejoin. Hide out and rejoin discreetly. Meeting the group head on reeks of gayness. Then going to the front and pushing it after your rest stop is approaching ubergayness. just so you know.

Kyle Jones said...

Yeah what Bryan said. But you are a pussy you should have done an extra 3 hours on top of that.

I seem to burn twice as much energy as you also. I am foreign to what NP stands for. Naturalized power I would assume. Lately to my power meter if NP is average power I generally put out a rate close to 280 on average with a speed of 17-20 mph. I know that is a lot of power but to move a guy like me it is not that much. It is quite amazing to just see what a little guy can get away with.